A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. - Neil Gaiman

My Best Selling Children's Book

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Do you want your children to grow up to be kind, thankful, and generous? Or do you want them to have high self-esteem and confidence? Certainly, you do! You need to add books with positive affirmations to your child's library. Children need positive affirmations from a very young age to be confident and self-reliant. Who else can teach them better than their mamas?


Mamas are so special; we are very fortunate to have them! They love us unconditionally and pay attention to all our needs. They fill our lives with love and happiness. Mamas are the ones who teach us when we need to behave. They show us the way and inspire us to be brave. We are thankful for Mamas everywhere, and we want to show them how precious they are. 

 "Mama, I Love You" is a perfect book to share the connection between a mother and child. It's a wonderful, emotional poem that not only teaches us the value of our moms but it's also a great approach to strengthen the link between mother and kid. You will enjoy the consistent and enjoyable rhyming scheme that expresses how kids may recognize and cherish their mother's love. This book is perfect for teaching children how to embrace themselves and their relation with their mommies!  

Grab your copy today, and let your children embrace mother's love!

So, who's the author?


Mona Liza Santos creates inspirational, motivational rhyming stories, scary tales, and self-help/self-love books for children. Mona was inspired by her son and children everywhere to write, wishing to instill an early love of reading and to teach kids the importance of kindness and being true to oneself. Mona fell in love with writing as an escape and sees it as a way of leaving a legacy for her son they can both be proud of. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her son, going to beaches, walking in parks, reading, and writing books. She has visited almost 60 countries and plans to see more in the future. Her main concern is ensuring that her son is healthy and happy and that she can continue to write books that leave a lasting impression on her readers.

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