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Go To Sleep... I Dare You!
6 Scary Tales for Young Readers)

Are you afraid of ghosts and monsters? Do you ever shiver when you hear things go bump in the night? Well, as fate would have it, sometimes the scariest things in this world are actually very real....


Through six unique, timeless ghost stories, your child will shiver, shake, and positively scream as they experience some real-life horrors that exist right under our very noses. If you think monsters are scary--just wait until you find out what can happen when you make fun of the dead, play games with a Ouija board, or venture down a dark and unfamiliar road.


Packed with thrills and chills, these easy-to-read but hard-to-forget tales are perfect for the young reader in your home that insists they’re not afraid of ghosts anymore. Enter a world of doom and gloom and find out just how afraid you are of the dark now. Go on and grab your copy today -- what are you afraid of?


Age groups: I could see this as early as grade 2 through middle-grade reading, especially if they’re children reading ghost stories on their own.

Book Trailer for Go To Sleep... I Dare You!

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