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Hi guys, this is Michael!

Here's my bio guys!

Michael Blade is a young author, publishing his first book at 7 years old. As a lover of reading, he published his first book in 2023. Like his mom, Michael loves to travel, and together they've seen almost 60 countries. He enjoys writing stories and sharing his imagination. Michael also plays basketball, football, soccer and kung fu.

When he's bored, he plays video games or plays with his pug, Destiny. Among his favorites at school are math, art, and physical education.


Due to his vivid imagination, Michael also dreams of becoming an astronaut someday and traveling not only to different countries but to different galaxies. Michael's goal is to inspire other children to achieve their dreams. But who knows, that can always change! 

When I m Bored E-Book 1.2 FINAL USE THIS.jpg

Since it's my first book I hope you guys can come and support me! I hope to have more books in the future!

I couldn't have done this without my mom's help! I love you mama! I'd appreciate it if you could help me by donating a little something so I can keep making more books for you! You guys are awesome!

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