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My Friend is Different, and That's  Okay!

When a child befriends a Martian, what fun can they get into?


The answer is all kinds! As the two explore the beautiful red planet, their friendship grows, and they get to experience all of the wonders of the planet Mars.


But there’s a lesson to be learned as well. Even though the Earthling and the Martian are very different from one another, they celebrate each other and love each other regardless.


This fun and fascinating children’s book will not only grab your little one’s attention with its wonderful rhymes, but it will also help them to learn about the differences between people. As the child from Earth and the child from Mars play together, they find that they respect and love each other because of their differences, not in spite of them. And your little one will learn, too, that no matter the differences between them and others, they should love and respect both others and their differences all the same!

Book Trailer for My Friend is Different, and That's Okay!

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