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Simon the Jealous Snake

Simon the snake is a handsome snake. But he doesn't think so though. He is never happy just slithering through the grass.

As he meets each of his friends, Robert the Frog, Benny the Puppy, Carrie the Cat, Simon is jealous that he doesn't look the way they do and he can't do the same things they do.

Will Simon learn to be kind of other animals? Or will he be miserable and lonely, stuck in his jealousy of others?

Follow along and learn how each person, animal, or snake is beautiful and unique in their own special ways. In Simon's case, despite his friends telling him to be happy with what he has, he doesn't listen to their advice and still remains the same. Find out what happens if you can't get over your jealousy of others!

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Book Trailer for  Simon the Jealous Snake

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