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Shadow, My Very Special Unicorn

Zoey's dad had promised to make it the most magical treehouse ever! It would be filled with sparkles and rainbows!


Little Zoey loves unicorns more than anything, and the special unicorn playhouse her dad is building is the best present she could imagine. Then Zoey's dad gives her another gift! It's another unicorn for her collection. Zoey has never seen a gray unicorn before, and she names her Shadow. When Zoey goes to bed at night, her unicorns spread their magic over the playhouse-but when they see Shadow's gray coat, they tease her for being different.


What will Shadow do? Will she ever realize that what's on the inside counts most of all? Unicorn lovers will delight in this story of inclusivity with a hint of magic.


Perfect for young readers, Shadow, My Very Special Unicorn will show children how everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.

Book Trailer for Shadow, My Very Special Unicorn 

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