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Mama I Love You

Mamas are a special breed. They give us love; they listen to our needs. Mamas bring us laughter and joy. They give us kisses; they play with our toys. Mamas tell us when we need to behave. They teach us to be strong, they show us the way. We are grateful for Mamas near and far, and we want to show them just how special they are. Out of all the Mamas in the whole world, this is true -- you’re the best Mama, I love you.


Share the joy between mother and child in Mama I Love You, a sweet, heartfelt poem that celebrates all that Moms do. Enjoy the steady and fun rhyming scheme that puts into words how a child can identify and celebrate the bonds between them and their mothers. A lovely way to end the day, by sharing the joy of those four beautiful words: Mama, I love you.


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Book Trailer for Mama I  Love You

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