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Dark Tales for Kids

This collection of stories will stir up your deepest fears!


Modern times have changed the things we fear. Children are not so easily scared now, but exploring the unknown can open the door to the most terrifying feelings ever. Joining the characters of these stories on their scary adventures will make you think twice about going to abandoned or forbidden places and more likely to listen to the warning words of adults.  


Dare to experience true terror through these six frightening stories. You will also experience how frightening the outdoors can be, how important it is to pick your toys wisely, and that friendly neighbors can be hard to find.  


Darkness, midnight, evil presences, terrifying creatures, and the desperation of lost souls—all these await you inside these six horrifying stories. Do you think you are brave enough to go to bed after reading them? Let’s find out!

Book Trailer for  Dark Tales  For Kids

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