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You  Are One in a   Million

 There are millions and millions of days, but only one today. There are billions and billions of people too -- but there is only one you. There are so many things you can do with your day, just be sure that what you do is true.


What makes us special is what makes us different -- and that means there can only be one you in this world. While that may seem scary, it’s actually what makes this world a better place to live in. When you wake up in the morning, there are endless possibilities to fill your day and get on your way! So, stand up proud and step out of the crowd, for there is no one on Earth quite like you.


You are One in a Million is a special poem for children of all ages that encourages uniqueness, bravery, independence, and authenticity. A fun, sweet, and heartwarming poem that challenges the special young reader in your life to be themselves and ask: How can I make today special?

Book Trailer for You Are One in a  Million

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