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  • Colors play a vital role in our lives. Colors have a direct effect on your thinking and actions. When used in the right way, colors bring you positive energy and have a good impact on your well-being.

  • A perfect blend of soothing color schemes can help in relieving stress and burden. Life would have been so dull and dusted if it were black and white only.

  • Why do we like to wear different colors and patterns every time? Why do you feel a rush of serotonin every time you buy a new color for yourself? Why is your closet full of rainbow-colored outfits? Because that's how colors are, and that's the way colors affect you.

  • When it comes to colors, kids are usually more passionate about colors. Perhaps coloring is the first thing kids learn in terms of their journey of education. And no doubt every kid loves this activity genuinely.


Ask yourself, didn't you love colors and coloring books as a kid? I'm sure you did.

And if you did that as a kid, certainly you would like the same for your kids too.

These customized coloring books are a perfect choice for your kids to enhance their color recognition power and increase their aesthetic sense. It can help improve their productivity and creativity and is definitely a better way to kill time instead of wasting time on mobile devices.

Grab your copy today and let  the fun of coloring begin!

Mermaid Coloring Book for kids By Mona Liza Santos
Cute Kawaii Food Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4 and Up By Mona Liza Santos
Unicorns Coloring Book By Mona Liza Santos

My holiday coloring books...

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