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Blade the Rabbit Learns to be Grateful

Sometimes it seems like the world is unfair. It would be so much better if we lived over there and not here. We may even forget that the world is quite big. It’s full of different houses, foods, toys, and kids! Forgetting to be grateful is a very bad habit, but we can learn to remember with Blade the Rabbit.


Join Blade the Rabbit on the day of his party! It’s going to be super fun and filled with laughter, friends, and games! However, Blade doesn’t seem too happy on this day, for it seems he’s made himself sad thinking about all the things he doesn’t have. But when his friends arrive to play, they show Blade the Rabbit to think a different way. A wonderful tale about gratefulness and perspective, this lovely short story for children will hop straight into your hearts.


Grab your copy of Blade the Rabbit, today!

Book Trailer for Blade the Rabbit Learns to be Grateful

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