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Hmmm... What to Wear

It’s a beautiful day to go to the zoo, but first I think I should get dressed -- don’t you? First, we need to pick out an outfit and make sure it fits just right. It can’t be too small or too big before we head off to see zebras and pigs! We’re big enough now to choose our own clothes, and so we have to prove to Mom what we know. It’s fun to get dressed and get ready for the day. Join me now so we can go play!


Before we run off to play at the zoo--we have some choosing to do! Join six-year-old Kaye as she goes through her closet and help her decide the right clothes for her trip to the zoo. Should we choose things that are too warm or too worn? We’ll find out in Hmmm… What to Wear, a fun short story for kids and parents alike! A chance to learn about all the choices we get to make about what we wear and why.


Get ready together, and grab your copy today!

Book Trailer for  Hmmm... What to Wear

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