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Let's Be Happy For Each Other!

I don't feel happy when I see my friend play. I wish that I were him today! 


Let's Be Happy for Each Other is a story of a friend who is jealousy. This adorable book helps kids understand and deal with the feeling of envy. The rhythmic writing captures little reader's imaginations. It helps build their confidence levels when they anticipate the coming words. Let's Be Happy for Each Other teaches kids the repercussions of acting on their jealous feelings. It helps them build forethought and consider the consequences of their actions. All is well in the end when the children decide to share! 

  1.  Helps children learn to deal with an emotion we all experience sometimes: Jealousy.

  2.  Helps children become more confident with reading thanks to the rhythmic scheme.

  3. Teaches children the value of friendship and support.

  4. It's fun to read!


Grab your copy today!

Book Trailer for Let's Be Happy For Each Other!

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