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Humble Me

You may be super bright at math and want to help all your friends, but be cautious not to brag or crow, which may leave them sad instead. You may be the fastest kid at school, but when you win the race, be careful how you jump and shout. Don’t leave your friends and playmates out.


Every one of us is different in a million little ways, and that’s okay! Think how boring life would be if we were all the same. Embrace the special you that makes you unique, but always remember the importance of being kind and humble.


This engaging rhyming tale and its whimsical illustrations show children what it means to be humble and to accept the beautiful differences between every one of us. Sure to be a new favorite, your little reader will be enthralled and take to heart a message from within the pages you can feel good about, time and time again.

Book Trailer for  Humble Me

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