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The Many Places We Go To

Another day, another adventure for Michael and his trusty crew! Mom is here and so is Grandma Lola too! As we take to the skies, just imagine all the places we’ll see! Flying can be exciting but scary--but it’ll be worth it when we get where we’re going! We’re off to see Mexico, Paris, Russia and more! With temples, cathedrals, and monuments galore!


There are wonders to see on every continent and you bet Michael, Mom and Loa will see as many as they can! With so many memories made together, this will be one trip they will cherish forever.


Join Michael, Mom, and Lola for a trip around the world! This fun, lively poem takes inquisitive young minds to faraway lands to explore and create memories alongside our favorite explorer, Michael. Take off on your adventure today with The Many Places We Go!

Age groups: This fits right in with elementary readers and would be fun to read together with family.

Book Trailer for The Many Places We Go To!

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