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Cats Are Love

Such adorable animals, and loyal to you. Hope you love your cute cats, because they love you, too!


What does it mean when your cat stares into your eyes? Do cats like to swim, and how long should they sleep?


This fun rhyming book is an informative ode to our furry friends, cats! It will excite every little cat lover to learn about these popular pets, from how to care for their animals to why kitties have whiskers. The easy-to-read sentences will be a hit with young readers and will help foster literacy confidence. Kids will learn how to read their kitties’ body language and how to tell what their cats like and don’t like! Does your kitty love you too? Find out with Cats! This delightful book will be the perfect addition to every child’s bookshelf and a favorite for cat lovers young and old.

Book Trailer for  Cats Are Love

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