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Being Kind is Cool

It's kind to be cool, and it's cool to be kind. Our smiles create happiness to find! Bring excitement and the message of kindness to your child's day with this sweet, engaging story. Being Cool is Kind paints a splendid picture of the importance of being kind. It shows kids how to use words, laughter and smiles to spread it far and wide, even when it seems difficult to do. Share the message with your little readers by adding Being Kind is Cool to your family's bookshelf. Children and parents alike will love the rhyming style, joyous tone, and bright illustrations. Soon emerging readers will be joining in thanks to the rhythmic words and thinking about how they can spread kindness to everyone they meet. 


  1. Sends a message to kids about kindness and its importance.

  2. Helps kids learn to read because they can anticipate the words.

  3. Beautiful illustrations and an engaging story will capture little imaginations.

  4. Parents will love it too!


It’s kind to be cool, and it’s cool to be kind. Our smiles create happiness to find! 


Grab your copy today! 

Book Trailer for Being Kind is Cool

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