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Sam's Magical Christmas

Christmas has always been Sam's favorite time of year! He loves helping his parents decorate the tree, pick out a wreath, and turn their little home into a winter wonderland! But when a horrific snowstorm tragically takes both of his parents’ lives, Sam is overcome with deep sadness and longing for his family. 


Upon arriving at the local orphanage, Sam is surprised to be greeted with a warm welcome and the biggest Christmas tree he has ever seen in his life! The children at the orphanage invite him to join in their Christmas festivities, and the icy feeling that had been wrapped around his heart begins to melt. The Christmas spirit is alive at the orphanage, and Sam slowly starts to build a new family with the other orphan children!

A touching story for young readers of all ages, Sam’s Magical Christmas teaches children that Christmas isn’t about being rich or poor, as long as you have joy and spirit in your heart. Through the love and warmth of the holiday season, Sam learns that Christmas isn’t about the presents; rather, the true gift is life itself and making sure that every day is special.

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Book Trailer for Sam's Magical Christmas

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