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No Choosing Favorites

Moms always know. When her child comes home from school unhappy and quiet, she starts asking why. To her surprise, her son tells her his classmates are mean to him. Unable to understand why, she tells him not to worry and everything will be fine.


You're going to love this book because of its beautiful illustrations, engaging story, and age-appropriate language. It's easy to read and understand, so everyone can enjoy it. It's an excellent tool for teaching kids about diversity, equality, and treating others well.

There's a powerful message in "No Choosing Favorites about the power of inclusivity and kindness that's fun, engaging, and thought-provoking. Anyone who wants to make a positive impact on children should check it out.

With No Choosing Favorites, the author explores the feeling of being left out by classmates and how making favorites can be a horrible thing. Everyone has a place in this world, as portrayed in this rhyming book with lovely illustrations.

Book Trailer for   No  Choosing  Favorites

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